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On-Demand Systems Management

Incident Ticketing System

Change Management System

Desktop and Server Provisioning


Profile Management

Identity Management

Software Liscence Management

Print Services

Allocate Output Costs to Users

Asset Management

Total Cost of Printing

Discovery Services

Configuration Management Database

Iventory Management

Architecture Mapping

Professional Services





  All successful companies strive to find new ways to outperform their competition. The focus is on the business and the services provided not the technical infrastructure that supports the business. Too often, however we are forced to address the inadequacies of the infrastructure since it is there that the advantage can be lost.

Existing legacy systems are meshed together with new applications and systems resulting in a fragmented and difficult to manage environment that is often not fully understood.

The need to keep pace with the propagation of new servers, software, application changes, disaster contingency, as well audit compliance are putting increased pressures on IT organizations.

Blue-Dot offers a suite of services to help automate the operations lifecycle management of servers, desktops, applications and network devices to help IT teams achieve operational agility, improve productivity and achieve higher quality standards.

Blue-Dot Services include:

Discovery Services
Systems Architecture
Inventory Management
License Management
On-Demand Systems Management
Server Provisioning
Desktop Provisioning
Identity Management
Software Distribution
Disaster Contingency Management
Utility based Ticketing System
Utility based Change Management System



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